Our dedicated team of Certified and I-CAR trained technicians have the knowledge, skills and the latest equipment available for expert panel beating work, to return your car to its pre-accident condition.

Following the stringent repair requirements set out by vehicle manufacturers is critical to the performance of your vehicles safety systems should it be involved in another collision in the future.

We have access to all available manufacturers repair data and make sure these requirements are met to ensure you and your passengerís safety in the future.

Powerful and Accurate
We choose to use Car-O-Tronic the most powerful Chassis Measuring System Available.

Data is transferred from a Measuring Slide on the Chassis Machine and delivered via blue tooth back to software which determines the correct accurateness of the vehicles chassis, guaranteeing measurements being inside of manufactures specifications.

Car-O-Tronic is a photo-based measuring system. Actual vehicle photos allow
you to precisely and quickly target measuring points. You can measure any point, anytime
while monitoring the pulling process. The damage and several measuring points are shown graphically on screen during the repair. Finally, a print-out can be made documenting that the vehicle is accurately repaired.

The system gives the speed and accuracy you need for better and more efficient repairs!