Spray Painting

Davies & Naylor choose to use Glasurit as our Number One brand as it gives our clients confidence knowing the products used to repair their vehicle is of the highest standard available on the market.

Davies & Naylor use Glasurit Waterborne colour mixing system capable of creating over 44,000 distinct colour shades of paint. Working from computer generated colour formulation - literally a recipe for the colour - a technician will use digital scales to weigh carefully calculated amounts of various Waterborne  coloured mixing tinters this creates the perfect colour match for your vehicle.

When applied and then baked in a dust-free spray booth, the result is a paint finish with a superb colour match, and the same high levels of gloss and long-term durability the car had when new.
The craftsmanship of Davies & Naylorís Refinish shop, combined with the technology of Glasurit Waterborne, your guarantee of the perfect repairs.