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Safety & environment

"How do we create a Safe and Productive work environment?"


A strong commitment to safety and environment is not just good for our employees - it's good for our business. It provides the framework for improving shop organization, reducing waste and ensuring healthy and productive employees. A comfortable, environmentally friendly shop is the best marketing resource there is. A clean shop and a crisp professional appearance are more likely to get return customers or referrals than a neglected environment.

Technical training and professional development is a vital ingredient for the future sustainability for our business. At Davies & Naylor we take Environmental issues very seriously and use the best equipment available to us to minimize particle emissions .

Glasurit Eco-Friendliness that pays off: Water based paint goes from strength to strength which gives us the highest quality finishes and is safe to use, environmentally friendly and so much healthier for our staff to apply.

Our workshop now complies with Recommended MTA Environmental Standards.


Comfortable, Environmentally friendly shop

Davies & Naylor complies with Recommended MTA Environmental Standards

Technical training and professional development


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